What would Jesus drive today?

„What would Jesus drive today? Well, Donkeys were useful animals, then and now, but they’re hardly the most majestic of beasts. And that donkey quality is what the Savior would want in a 21st century vehicle—something versatile and capable, but unobtrusive. Ordinary, without any airs. So think small SUV, van or pickup truck. And think inexpensive and somewhat unexciting. Reliability would be nice. Plus, it should be available in the Middle East.

The answer: The Toyota Hilux pickup—the mechanized equivalent of a donkey. And not the fancy Hilux, but the base model, powered by the simplest engine—the standard 139-horsepower, 2.0-liter four in the new Hilux. Vinyl seats, steel wheels (and without a .50-caliber machine gun mounted in the bed).


What Jesus would do with a Hilux is use it to spread His good news and serve the needs of the poor and lost around Him. You know, good things. And if He held the pink slip, He’d give that truck up the moment someone who needed it more could be found. And if He bought it, it was probably already well used.”


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